Jay Billups Photography

About Me

Jay specializes in portraits, helping to capture the true you

For as long as I can remember I have been a uniquely creative person; often seeing things that others miss.  I’ve leaned towards the creative side and added my unique flair.

My first passion is photography. I started taking pictures with a disk camera when I was 18 and quickly progressed from there. I’ve never been satisfied with taking “normal” pictures.

I studied photography and industrial arts while in college in San Diego, CA (San Diego State and Southwestern Community College). I enlisted in the Air Force in 1988 to help complete college. Unfortunately, photography or any other art degrees were not available where I was stationed and I ended up majoring in computer science, earning Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Ironically, my experience and comfort with technology has allowed me to take my art in its current direction. in addition to portrait photography, I specialize in photo manipulations and composites. I strive to create scenes that tell a story or relay a feeling that’s not possible in real life. I find inspiration everywhere … a rusty shovel, a random mushroom, an interesting cloud formation, even a t-shirt.